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By Stephen Pederson

Why People Quit Their Jobs – The Top 4

Multiple Studies Show that People Quit Their Jobs for the Same Reasons

It has been estimated that the actual cost of employee turnover is 150% of their annual wage (250% for senior personnel). If the average cost of an employee is $50,000 per year, then the average cost of employee turnover is in the $75,000 range.  Given this high cost, there have been numerous

Graph: the top reasons on why an employee quits a job

Why People Quit

studies on the reason behind why people quit their jobs.  These studies tend to show the same reasons for leaving.  The top four reasons to quit include:

  1. Limited career opportunities
  2. Lack of supervisor suppport
  3. Compensation
  4. Lack of employment challenge

Given that the cost of employee turnover is so high, a number of strategies have been put in place to combat turnover.  These techniques in are displayed in the table below.

The Reasons People Quit and What to Do About It

Reasons Employees Quit
Strategies to Reduce Turnover
Limited Career OpportunitiesFocus on Career Development and Expectations
Supervisor RespectProvide Manager Profiles and Information about Culture
CompensationProfiles Employees who are Overly Motivated by $
Job Duties/ChallengeProvide Realistic Job Previews (RJP's)


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