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By Stephen Pederson

Seven of Nation’s 10 Most Affluent Counties are in Washington D.C. Region

Who said you can’t get rich in politics?

Picture of the White House

7 of 10 Richest Counties in DC

The Washington Post reported on a recent income census: the 2011 American Community Survey released in late 2012.  According to the census data, the Washington D.C. region possessed the highest household incomes for 7 of the top 10 counties in the entire country.

According to WAPO:

The rankings in the 2011 American Community Survey released Thursday expand Washington’s dominance among high-income households, reflecting a regional economy that was largely cushioned as the recession yanked down income levels elsewhere. Household incomes rose in most counties around Washington last year, even as they continued to sink around the country.

This is not a recent development but a continuing trend, as was also noted in the article:

In 2007, before the recession began, five counties in suburban Washington made it into the top 10. By 2010, there were six. The seven in the latest ranking is an all-time high.

As the remainder of American continues to struggle economically, the Washington D.C. region has been insulated.

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