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By Stephen Pederson

Healthcare Data Vulnerable – What Consumers Don’t Know

Healthcare Lags Other Industries – Data Security Expert

Healthcare consumers may have more than just their health to worry about, according to the Washington Post.  WAPO has issued findings on their investigation that claim that healthcare is one of the

Data Security - Healthcare Industry

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most vulnerable industries in terms of being able to protect confidential patient records.   They have quoted a leading expert with the following statement:

“I have never seen an industry with more gaping security holes,” said Avi Rubin, a computer scientist and technical director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University. “If our financial industry regarded security the way the health-care sector does, I would stuff my cash in a mattress under my bed.”

The Washington Post also said that besides infrastructure issues, medical professionals are also a problem:

Three years ago, Rubin, the Johns Hopkins researcher, began assessing systems at major hospitals and clinics, making visits to operating rooms and intensive-care units. He found that doctors and medical workers used the same computers to connect to both the Internet and internal networks. Rubin said doctors become “a pipeline for attackers into the sensitive networks.”

One nurse told Rubin that she had the job of typing in a physician’s password constantly so that the doctor would not have to, leaving the unattended machine unprotected. “She literally walked around the room logging the doctor into every machine, every hour,” Rubin said. “Unbelievable.”

For further information read the article from the original source:

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